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New Hampshire’s 141,000 sportsmen contribute over $255 million to the state economy each year and support 4,000 jobs. Working with CSF in a coordinated effort to protect and promote the sportsmen’s traditions in New Hampshire are two member of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, Governor Maggie Hassan and the New Hampshire Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus.  

For more information on the elected officials protecting and promoting the sportsmen’s traditions in New Hampshire please contact Northeastern States Director Brent Miller.

Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus

New Hampshire Members — Your representatives in Congress.

Governor Chris Sununu

Chris Sununu

Governors Sportsmen's Caucus Member

A network of pro-sportsmen governors who work to advance the sportsmen's agenda

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New Hampshire Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus

Caucus Leadership — Your local representatives in state government

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What do you support as a means to either complement or enhance the funding state fish and wildlife agencies receive through the American System of Conservation Funding? (To learn more about the options below, visit CSF's issue briefs)

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