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My Introduction to Hunting: A Case for Sunday Hunting

By Alana Barricks, Mid-Atlantic States Coordinator, Congressional Sportsmen's Founation I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania and, although my family members were not hunters, I was always surrounded by passionate members of the sportsmen’s… Read More

Supporting Your State Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus

By Soren Nelson, Pacific Southwest States Coordinator, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation As the son of two conservation professionals, I grew up with a unique appreciation for what it takes to maintain the land and resources that so many… Read More

Eastern Shore Hunting and Fishing with Pitboss Waterfowl

By Event and Development Coordinator Dante Swallow, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation It was a cold, dark, early morning as we all slid into our hip waders and filled our pockets with shells. As the guides arrived at the dock, the sun… Read More

Blog Post: Game Meat Donation

By Joel Hodgdon, Central Midwestern States Coordinator, Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation The days are growing shorter; the weather is getting colder; and my ammunition stockpile is growing larger. Deer season is upon us. Sitting and… Read More

The Hunt for Balance

By Brent Miller, Northeastern States Director, Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation In the sportsmen’s community it has been known for some time that one of the most important factors in recruiting, retaining, and reactivating hunters is… Read More

Blog Post: CSF Policy Fellow Johan Eide

My name is Johan Eide and I recently had the opportunity to contribute to the conservation of our great nation’s resources and spend the summer as a Brad Rowse Policy Fellow. I had no idea what the summer would entail before departing from… Read More

Saving My Hearing, One Shot at a Time

By Brent Miller, Northeastern States Director, Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation For the past five years I’ve had the privilege to work alongside our friends at the American Suppressor Association to eliminate restrictions on firearm… Read More

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