Maine H 1030

Intro Date: Apr 19, 2017


This bill replaces the Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs program with youth and family outdoor recreational programs and activities to encourage hunting and fishing activities as well as shooting sports. It amends language regarding certain licenses to provide that certain permits are included in the licenses. It allows the spouse and children of a member of the Armed Forces of the United States on active duty who is permanently stationed outside of the State to purchase trapping licenses at a reduced rate. It simplifies language regarding a person 70 years of age or older hunting with a crossbow. It repeals a provision allowing a person under 16 years of age holding a valid junior hunting license to obtain a muzzle-loading permit from the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. It adds a wild turkey hunting permit to the nonresident small game apprenticeship hunter license. It repeals law establishing a youth bear hunting day. It changes the law regarding unlawful possession of wild turkeys to reflect the increase of the bag limit from one to 2. It prohibits placing bait for wild turkeys and hunting over that bait for 30 days prior to the spring wild turkey hunting season. It adds firearms using a caliber cartridge smaller than the .22 caliber cartridge to the exceptions from the law prohibiting hunting with any automatic firearm. It amends the provision of a residents-only day in the law regarding open and closed seasons for deer to account for an exception for certain nonresident landowners. It repeals a provision making nonresident aliens ineligible to purchase a trapping license, as they are eligible to purchase a license to trap beaver when their state or province of residency allows residents of the State to trap beaver in that state or province and removes language requiring clerks or agents appointed by the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to charge $2 for each trapping license issued. It raises the fee for a resident and nonresident apprentice trapper license by $1, consistent with changes to fees in Public Law 2015, chapter 245. It makes it a Class E crime for a licensee to receive, possess for resale, sell or offer to sell gift baitfish or gift smelts. It amends the law describing how the Open Water and Ice Fishing Regulations are distributed. It updates the name of an endangered species of bird. It changes the expiration date of a taxidermy license so that licenses expire 3 years from their date of issuance. It corrects a cross-reference. It allows ATVs, including 2-wheel off-road motorcycles, without headlights or taillights to be operated between sunrise and sunset.

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Representative Stephen J. Wood, Co-Chair, Maine Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus

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